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prcoess-serviceCobra Investigations employs licensed process servers to quickly and efficiently expedite process service. Process service is carried out by Cobra Investigations Licensees, which gives clients access to faster and more personalized service. A timely, accurate, and efficient process service can be crucial to a case. Speak to a private investigator from Cobra Investigations to learn how our process services can help you.

 Cobra Investigations offers investigative support for the legal profession. If you are an attorney and require an investigation in connection with a civil lawsuit, criminal case or trial preparation, Cobra Investigations can assist you.
Often, legal investigations require locating a party to a lawsuit or a witness or serving that individual with a subpoena or other document.
In other instances, we can be helpful by running a background on parties to a lawsuit. The purpose here is to reveal facts that may be pertinent to the lawsuit, such as the existence of hidden assets, previous lawsuits, marital problems, criminal conduct, and the like.
Cobra Investigations will take extra steps to ensure that the investigation is thorough, such as finding witnesses and debriefing them, locating hidden and/or unidentified witnesses, checking the background of parties to the case, and obtaining signed statements.
Legal investigations sometimes involve Surveillance of witnesses or parties involved in a lawsuit. The information uncovered through this kind of detective work can expose the existence of fraud or reveal patterns of activity that may be useful to our attorney client.
Cobra Investigations always will provide you with an Investigative Report with the details of our findings.

 In a DUI case, the prosecution must prove two main things: 1) the person being charged (the “defendant”) drove a vehicle and 2) at the same time, the defendant was “under the influence” — meaning that the person’s ability to drive safely was affected to an appreciable degree by drinking alcohol, taking a drug, or a combination of alcohol and drugs. A successful defense can be anything that proves one of these two elements wrong, and thus prevents the prosecution from proving its case. Our investigative specialists work with your attorney toward that precise goal.

 Is the scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision. Cobra Investigation’s reconstructionists conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), roadway and the environment. Our reconstructions are trained forensic engineers who, critically, also bring specialized law enforcement experience to the table.

 The terms “domestic investigation” and “divorce investigation” are often used interchangeably and, indeed, a large percentage of our practice is devoted to this type of case. If you suspect that a spouse is cheating or is trying to avoid responsibilities in divorce proceedings, a domestic investigation by Cobra Investigations can get you the proof that you need in court. However, also under this heading are investigations involving possible drug abuse, security in and around your home, caregiver background checks, stalking, child or elder abuse, etc. (see also, “Surveillance”, “Spousal Loyalty”, “Child Custody/Abuse”, “Drug Testing”, “Background Searches”, “Stalking/Harassment Cases”).

If you or a client is a suspect in a crime, realize that time is of the essence.  Please contact us immediately.

When preparing for civil litigation, attorneys need a substantial amount of information and data that can only be obtained through extensive investigations. Whether requiring witness locates, interviews, research, surveillance, computer forensics, or other services, Cobra Investigations can assist you quickly and thoroughly.

Let us find and provide you with the ammunition you need for your next big case.

     Types of Civil Investigations:
Personal Injury Claims
Vehicle Accident Investigations
Wrongful Death
Worker's Compensation Investigations
Product Liability
Medical Malpractice
Defective Product


Cobra Investigations can locate a missing heir who is to receive either money or any other type of estate that is left to them in a will.
Private Investigators with Cobra Investigations can assist families locating heirs to wills and estates.  Families can become estranged, and at those difficult times after the death of a loved one, upon reading wills and last wish requests, it can become important to find closure in carrying through the wishes and desires of a loved one who has passed.
With a missing heirs investigation a qualified Cobra Investigator will provide you the answers you are looking to find.
Cobra Investigations receives a legitimate finder’s fee paid by the source of the monies; you never pay any charges out of pocket. We are only paid if you receive payment. If you get nothing, we get nothing. Period.

Skip Tracing / Locate
Skip tracing is also sometimes called debtor or fugitive recovery. It is basically an investigative technique that traces or finds skips or people who have skipped out on their financial or legal obligations. There are many other reasons why you would need to find someone, such as; Heirs, witnesses, lost loves, former friends and co-workers. We also handle special cases with circumstances such as kidnappings, runaways and fugitives. Skip tracing can help you get owed money back or help ensure that a dangerous criminal finds his or her way back to court.
Cobra Investigations is your one stop shop for skip tracing.
The more information you provide to us, the faster and more accurate the procedure is.
The following is some basic info for us to start:
• Full name
• Social Security Number
• Date of birth
• Last known address
• Last known employer
• Vehicle and driver’s license information
• Most Recent photograph
• Any other information you have available. The smallest of details sometimes prove to be the most beneficial

Depending on the situation, skip trace can involve many things:

Surveillance - Skip tracers may observe certain homes where the person being sought has been known to live.

Background checks - Skip tracers and private investigators wishing to apprehend a fugitive or debtor will often run background checks in order to figure out a targets past habits. In many cases, this can lead investigators right to their target.
Interviews and questioning - Cobra investigators will often speak with those who know a target well. They may try to convince a fugitive’s family that the fugitive should turn himself or herself in, or they may try to get acquaintances to simply slip up and reveal a targets whereabouts.

 The background in law enforcement many of Cobra Investigations investigators can claim makes them a highly valuable commodity in a criminal defense case. Defense attorneys regularly call on our agents to help prepare defenses, gather evidence, verify facts, research court documents, as well as locate and interview witnesses. (see also, “Missing Persons”, “Interviews/Sworn Statements”, “Crime Scene Forensics”).