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corp-duediligence-229x300 Cobra Investigations and Security offers comprehensive security consulting services, from assessments and master planning to policy development, business continuity strategies, and audits. Our team of security experts help clients prevent, plan for and respond appropriately to myriad security risks so they can focus on their business. The diverse group of consultants at our disposal — physical security specialists, business intelligence collectors, cyber security experts, TSCM techs — enables us to provide clients with an integrated security framework that will work to protect their people, assets, and operations. (see also, “Physical Security Surveys”, “Due Diligence”, “Computer Forensics/Fraud/Crime”, “Bug Sweeps”)

duedilligence Due diligence is the discreet investigation of a potential acquisition, merger, joint-venture partner or other prospective investment. Cobra Investigations brings its resources (and sources) to bear in putting under a microscope any targeted business or person prior to the signing of a contract. Due diligence is ALWAYS a prudent precaution, but it can also be a legal obligation. With the number and size of penalties increasing, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is causing many U.S. institutions to look more closely at how they evaluate all of their relationships overseas.

The risks inherent in today’s financial transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, as well as public offerings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, and other investments – are greater than ever.

While these kinds of deals often involve major commitments of capital and other resources, they may be based on expected synergies and anticipated profits – and not on verified business relationships, management experience or financial data. Cobra’s Investigative Due Diligence leverages the most  comprehensive set of databases, deepest analysis of public records, and access to an elite network of domestic and international sources to enhance the success of a deal by uncovering potential vulnerabilities.

Cobra Investigators can assist financial institutions, private equity groups, corporations and their legal counsel conduct in-depth, insightful investigations into prospective transactions to minimize risk and help ensure success.

Cobra Investigations provides comprehensive background information and intelligence including: personal and business reputations; financial and operating histories; verification of key non-financial representations; records of litigation and disputes; environmental liabilities and other actual or undisclosed problems. We examine misrepresentations or non-disclosure of material facts; financial management and system problems; unrealistic projections or overstated assets; unrecorded or understated liabilities; significant managerial or business issues; and independent business valuations. The end result is a detailed profile of any issue of concern enabling the client to manage the identified risk by restructuring the deal, or even exiting from the proposed transaction.

securityguard Security Officers are often the face of your security department, not to mention your first line of defense. Cobra Investigations provides and trains exemplary security officers both uniformed and plain clothes officers.

corp-bug-229x300 Bug Sweeps is known by the handful of qualified experts who perform this very specialized service as, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM). It is, quite simply, the “sweeping” of a room in search of electronic eavesdropping devices which can range from a simple and easily-placed “tap” on your home telephone to an elaborate system of audio and video “bugs” that spy on every movement and conversation in each room of a business or residence. Computers, fax machines and vehicles are also targets of illegal bugs, which can be virtually impossible for the layman to ferret out. (CAUTION: Those with the necessary state-of-the-art equipment and training to reliably detect and eliminate these devices are few, while charlatans with “magic wands” from Radio Shack are alarmingly prevalent.)

justthefactsEmployee Screening Programs: The key to a qualified, productive workforce is professional employee screening. Fraud, embezzlement, kickbacks, industrial espionage and theft usually involve someone working from the inside. Have you done everything in your power to protect your human resources and assets?
The Employee Screening Program (ESP) from Cobra Investigations can help you implement pre-screening and pre-employment screening for due diligence. This program allows any hiring manager to access background information on applicants, candidates and current employees, for a variety of reasons, including annul audits. Informed hiring decisions result in a higher quality workforce, which is the foundation of any successful organization.

Through our network of sources, we provide information that saves our clients millions of dollars in employee turnover costs, internal loss, and negligent hiring litigation.  We offer:

  • FAST Turnaround
  • Professionally Managed Service
  • Customized Screening Programs
  • Easy-to-Read Clear Reports
  • Cost-effective Results
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • International Coverage
  • Specialized Background Services

    If you are responsible for hiring people to work for and represent your company, then you have a responsibility to avoid negligent hiring. From reducing high turnovers to limiting fraud, a pre-employment screening program will help reduce or eliminate many of the risks associated with not doing pre-employment screening.

We are specialists at serving the needs of security departments, human resource departments, and small business operators. We also work with security management organizations and private consultants inside and outside the ICS network.  By utilizing a full range of resources, ICS can compile a full profile on applicants, using any or all of these services:

  • International Records
  • Public Records
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Credentials Verification
  • Security Interviewing
  • Field Verification Interviews
  • Annual Auditing
  • E-Form I-9 and E-Verify Services

fraud-crosshairs11If you are looking to hire a Private Investigator to expose personal injury fraud, Cobra Investigators are the experts. Specializing exclusively in video surveillance, no other private detective company can provide you with video surveillance evidence as effectively and efficiently as Cobra Investigations.

Cobra Investigations will expose personal injury fraud claims arming insurance companies and personal injury defense firms / attorneys with quality video evidence obtained by skilled private investigators to successfully defend fraudulent insurance claims. These surveillance videos will minimize plaintiff demands, initiate settlement negotiations and force plaintiffs to settle for a fraction of their unrealistic demands as they have been exposed on surveillance video countering their claims under oath.

The private investigators at Cobra Investigations record their videos in High Definition (HD) with a date and time stamp to authenticate their surveillance videos.

tenant-checkBackground investigations for tenant screening can provide an in-depth history or status of a subject’s background. Assets, financial data, credit reports, workers compensation, criminal and civil history are just the start of a tenant investigation. Examples of information that can be researched can include but are not limited to past histories with family, neighbors, employers, friends, education, co-workers, professions, credentials, residences, etc.

This is an important service in determining fitness of a prospective tenant. Tenant screening is an invaluable process that property owners should not neglect.

Items you can expect to have access with Tenant Screening:

  • Credit Reports
  • Past Residence Verification
  • Social Security Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Reference Checks

workers-compAttorney’s, Employers, Claims Adjusters, Third Party Administrators, and Self-Insurers use our Workers’ Compensation investigative services to assist in identifying and proving fraudulent claims. Our detailed reports are easy to read, and accurately reflect our professional effort and surveillance results.

Our AOE/COE investigators are highly skilled and able to conduct confidential activity checks, along with other types of investigations to successfully conclude these matters.

Our investigators can legally conduct covert physical surveillance nationwide, in virtually any type of environment. Using cutting-edge technology, we can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential to proving Workers’ Compensation Fraud.

Your assigned investigator will video-record suspected Workers’ Compensation fraud activity as it occurs, in a non-intrusive manner that protects even the suspect’s legal rights to privacy. We gather necessary evidence to offer remedies that may include both criminal and civil action, and present it to you, your insurer and your legal counsel in a most usable, accurate and succinct format.

When conducting a covert surveillance investigation, Cobra Investigators pay special attention to all state and federal statutory restrictions, carefully avoiding invasion of privacy issues, while protecting you from claims of private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil & criminal liability). Our innovative, strictly legal methods have allowed many clients to obtain restitution for their losses, which, in a growing number of cases, has even included full reimbursement of the cost of our investigation.

Performing interviews relating to “Arising Out of Employment, or in the Course of Employment” investigations (AOE/COE) is a critical phase of the claims process. Often times, retaining an outside third party investigative firm to obtain witness and suspect statements makes good sense economically, leads to successful defense of claims, and greatly enhances your chances of successful prosecution of malingerers.