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That your mate is cheating on you:

1. Changing attitude toward your relationship: more argumentative, critical or distant — less affectionate — increased need for “space”

2. Unexplained absences: staying later at work — leaving the office for lunch more often — spending more time “with friends” or pursuing a new hobby during evenings and weekends frequently off running lengthy “errands”

3. Increase in personal expenses: seems to go through pocket money at a faster rate — credit card spending jumps

4. Changing telephone use patterns: spends more time on the phone — seems anxious to be first to answer phone when it rings — mysterious incoming calls, hang-ups, “wrong numbers” — suddenly “needs” a new cellphone or pager

5. Greater attention to personal appearance: begins a crash diet or exercise program — trendy new wardrobe, fragrance, hairstyle or nails.

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6. Added interest in the mail: wants to limit your access to it, especially phone bills, bank, and credit card statements — personal letters (but probably not postcards) from a long-lost “friend” or “relative”

7. Articles of unknown origin: slips of paper with names, phone numbers, dates/times/locations stashed in pockets, wallet or purse — receipts showing unmentioned purchases — matchbooks from unknown bars or restaurants — strange cigarette, gum or food wrappers in vehicle

8. Mysterious bite marks, bruises, scratches, skin irritations: can’t explain how “that got there”

9. Changing sex drive: decreased interest in sex — more aggressive/hostile during sex and less tender/romantic — newfound knowledge regarding a previously unexplored technique or position

10. Unexplained odor or stain: comes home smelling of cologne or tobacco that is clearly not their own — lipstick on shirt collar